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The industrial venture was formed on May 20, 1969. The company founded was intended to engage in manufacturing and marketing of plastic products, overhaul and repair of machines for the plastics industry, and plastic industry in general. The company will call EUROPLAST S.C.R.L.

The first site was located at Jr. Parinacochas in the district of La Victoria, in Lima. It was a small place without pretensions, but with big aspirations. One can imagine how the enthusiasm, a few machines and much ingenuity, could give at the outset, the seal of quality that lasts until today. The first orders were the manufacture of moulds for plastic containers; however a much greater production plan of our own was ambitioned.

While performing such work, the first German machines were shipped at the Port of Hamburg, a blower and an injector for the manufacture of our first containers 60, 90, and 120 milliliters with their respective caps and lids. Through making these first containers and with the growing demand for other types of capabilities, one can say that the development of EUROPLAST had begun.

With the steady growth, both legal and industrial aspects had to change. It was that in Aug. 10 of 1977 the board decided to transform EUROPLAST into a corporation. Also, because of the old and insufficient facilities for an adequate industrial activity, it was decided to purchase a larger local according to the capacity of existing machines and those that were still to come. Soon land was located in the Vulcano urbanization in the district of Ate, in Lima. The construction of the new headquarters was concluded in January 1981, date when the final move was done.

The current site has modern and spacious workshops, modern machinery, large warehouses, green areas, and modern offices and equipped with every facility for marketing and customer service. EUROPLAST S.A.C. is in the ability to absorb any type of container, offering a sufficient capacity to provide its customers with high quality containers, according to the requirements of a modern and dynamic industry.